Philipp Wilfinger
Mixed By Audiophil

"I Love To Make Handmade Music Sound Awesome"

Philipp Wilfinger

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Recording, Mixing & Mastering

We can choose to record in two different studios depending on your needs 


Mixing is THE most crucial steps in music production.

With 10+ years of expierience  and with the finest analog & digital tools I take out the best of your recordings.


I offer in house mastering services or collaborate with some of the best mastering engineers in the world.



Please enjoy on good headphones or speakers



Philipp Wilfinger | mixing engineer from Hartberg/Austria.

After having studied "Jazz and Popular Music" on drums,

I worked as a touring musician for several years before

I finally transitioned to working in the studio full-time.

With this background I exactly know what musicians expect from a studio guy like me.

​If you are looking for someone to mix your next record,

feel free to

for a free consultation via phone, video-chat or

to meet me in person in the studio.

I look forward to hearing from you!



I had Philipp do a mix + mastering for a song. 

Despite the great distance between Berlin and Hartberg, communication worked great. Working with Philipp is extremely pleasant. 

You can tell there is someone sitting behind the controls who has a clue, is professional, competent and above all very friendly and personable :-) 

I am super satisfied with the result.

I can only 100% recommend "Mixed By Audiophil".

Felix K.

We have now handled several projects together and the process couldn't be better for my productions. 

You always get good advice, Philipp is always at your side with tips on what could be done even better and implements this perfectly with his experience and thus always gets the best out of projects. On top of that, there is transparent and fair pricing, so from my side: 

very clear 5 stars!

Ralph K.

Great person - in a great studio!
Philipp works in a very professional, cooperative and uncomplicated manner.

The studio is well equipped, even the smallest change requests were implemented immediately, working with Philipp has been one of the highlights of recent times.

Davina Z.

After my experience with one of my bands, I decided to go to Phil for my solo songs too. Starting with the mood in the studio, his input on the songs, the accompaniment in the entire process, to his skills and his equipment ... 

Everything just fits here. 

Phil got so much more out of my songs than I thought possible.

Once again a big thank you at this point.  

I'm looking forward to the next collaboration.

Patrick S.

You can really take your hat off to Philipp.

A service provider like him, where all the necessary skills merge in one person is very rare.
The best technical prerequisites, motivation, commitment and, above all, a "great ear".

I can only recommend it to everyone 

Mathias T.

It was a great collaboration with Phil.
Individual, creative, very professional -

it was a very relaxed atmosphere in the studio. 

My wishes and ideas were exceeded.

Iris K.


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